Cooking Tips & Techniques 

Try These Do's and Don'ts to Preparing Beef:

  • Don’t over mix:  Burgers, meatloaf, meatballs and other ground beef recipes will be more tender if you handle the meat as little as possible as you add seasonings and other ingredients.  If you over mix it, you’ll end up with a firm, compact texture after cooking.
  • Do pat beef dry before cooking:  Dry beef by patting with paper towel before cooking. Liquid sizzles in the pan creating steam that can prevent browning.
  • Do slice beef when slightly frozen: Put beef in the freezer for about 30 minutes, or until just firm, to make the meat firm and easier to cut into strips.
  • Don’t salt beef before cooking:  Add salt after cooking. Salting before cooking can draw the moisture and juices out of the meat.
  • Don’t turn beef with a fork: Use a spatula or tongs instead. If you use a fork, it will pierce the beef and release flavorful juices.  When flipping burgers, you can also use a spatula, but don’t use it to press down on the beef, or you’ll lose the juices that make your burger moist.
  • Do monitor the heat: If the heat is too high you might overcook your beef on the outside while the inside is still undercooked. For tender beef, cooked to the desired doneness. Use medium heat with most dry-heat cooking methods, such as grilling and sauteeing, and medium-high heat for stir-frying. Low heat is ideal for moist-heat cooking methods, like braising.
  • Do consider marinades and rubs: Marinades and rubs not only add excitement and flavor to many cuts of beef, but with the right ingredients, marinades can also be used to make some cuts more tender.

Cooking Tips Infographics

Grilling Skillet Cooking  Stir-Frying



Skillet to Oven Pot Roasting  Broiling